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SURCON Train the Trainers Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities in Fit-for-Purpose Cadastre

1-5 July 2019, Miginbir Kano State, Nigeria

Surveyor Kabir, M.M Registrar of Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) invited Vice President Diane Dumashie to participate as a resource person and facilitator in the SURCON annual workshop for training of tertiary institutions survey and geo-informatics educators, which was held in Kano state, Nigeria from 1st-5thJuly2019.

SURCON is the agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria responsible for the registration and examination of surveyors across all states In Nigeria.  It regulates and controls the practice of Survey profession in the country. Accordingly, it determines the standards of knowledge and skills required to be registered as a member of the profession, organising annual workshops featuring up and coming technologies combined with leading edge thinking and providing continual professional development for land professionals in Nigeria.

Under the leadership of Registrar, Surveyor Kabir an increasingly popular and participatory approach to running the annual meetings has been established over the past few years.  This 2019 event was designed as a Train-the - Trainers workshop (TTW), which is a learning platform for lectures and instructors in Nigerian accredited institutions that offer survey and geo- informatics.  

Building on the previous years’ workshop, the aim was to increase the awareness of participants on the desirability of fit-for-purpose approach in surveying and cadastre.   The participants are expected to understand new globally acceptable technologies in surveying and mapping; this in turn underpins the need to redesign the focus of surveying and cadastre from purely production of an accurate map to that of an important input into national development, wealth generation, employment,  environment,  social economic and gender balances; in fact the totality of the SDGs.  

Ultimately, this approach will need a paradigm shift to be fit for the future and consequently will requires consideration of how to overhaul the curriculum of surveying and geoinformatics in Nigeria.

Attending dignitaries included Surv.Kasim M.Otheprotem Chairman of the Council, Surv. E. B Awudu, the Surveyor General of the Federation, the Nigeria Institution of Surveyors(NIS) was represented by Deputy President Kayode Oluwamatomi and NIS Secretary General, the women’s wing of Surveyors in Nigeria, Women in Surveying,(WIS) was represented by its national coordinator Surv.Gertrude Njar and Surv Angela Etuonovbe. In addition the Chairman SURCON Committee on Education, Surv.Osalusi, F.O, and Chairman Examinations Committee, Surv.Eyo,OO, Chairman Registration Committee Surv. Haido AA attended along with several State Surveyor Generals from across the Federation.

There were over 100 land professional educators representing many of the Nigerian polytechnics and Universities and a small number of private practitioners. 

Opening Dignitaries including Chair Exam committee, SURCON Chairman, NIS Deputy President, and FIG Vice President

Surv. E. B Awudu, the Surveyor General of the Federation of Nigeria

The workshop objectives were to:

  1. Provide a platform for the participants to become fully and coherently Trainers of Trainers, and identify any gaps they need to progress to competency, as necessary
  2. Update awareness of the SDG agenda as it is relevant to land survey and mapping
  3. Understand new globally acceptable technologies in surveying and mapping;
  4. Provide an enabling framework to assist with an implementing strategy for the 2020 paradigm shift in survey education
  5. Prepare and provide methodology to enable early consideration by the educators to address the need and how to change the curriculum
  6. Outline the next steps including ambitions to: subcommittee working, validation, identifying who to influence at political and community levels, pilot FFP and ultimately roll out a fit for the future curricula in Nigeria.

Day one of the workshop started with morning opening formalities, the detailed content beginning in the afternoon with technical sessions led by Vice president Diane Dumashie, (see presentation) followed by presentations on legal and survey topics led by Paul Q Eshimomoh ACI ARB (UK), MCFE, Notary Public, together with a presentation made by Surv.Osaretim Ogbebor focusing on Legal Cadastre and analysing the practical and adjudication issues  and Stephen Calder, from GIS Transport Ltd highlighting the companies approach to effective recordation.  These session prompted a robust interactive plenary with the participants.

The second day was facilitated by Diane Dumashie, and designed to gain all participants input specifically addressing the workshop objectives (iv), (v) and (vi).  Opening with a brief presentation by Diane Dumashie (see presentation) who then moderated a panel discussion populated by representatives from the polytechnics, universities and private sector.  Including: Winston Ayeni, Chigbu Njike, Professor Sika Orupabo, Eyo,O.O and Bernard Ekpete all of whom enlightened the audience with their thoughts on the need for curricula review and the practicalities to review and implement a revised curriculum for educators.  Not surprisingly facilitated by Diane Dumashie the panel engaged in a full, frank and lively discourse with the debate continuing with interventions from the audience.

Moderator Diane Dumashie and Chigbu Njike

Panel discussants

This set the scene for an afternoon of group working and deliberations, with 10 groups generating discussions on a curriculum review including ‘what’ is their vision, and then addressing and formulating a road map that could be considered by SURCON to help facilitate wider discussion with the membership on what and how to evaluate different aspects of the survey courses in Nigerian training institutions. Importantly SURCON wish to enable collective conclusions on the ways forward. It is anticipated that after this TTW workshop a national validation retreat will be convened to fully consider the views discussed and to make further recommendations.

Participants in group work and deliberations

The finale was the gala dinner, the guest of honour was the distinguished Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya, and the Senate Committee Chairman on Works, as a qualified Architect he is a supporter of the work of land professional and affirmed his commitment to the value of our work and assurances that he would continue to support the survey profession. In addition Chairman, Surv.Kasim,M.O on behalf of the Council presented survey equipment to the Vice Chancellor of Kano University, Wudil, Kano State as a gesture to assist with the setting up of a dedicated geomatics department in the university (it already has a school for Architecture).

Our gala dinner host, Senator K Ibrahim Gaya

from left - Kabir M.M Registrar, Senator Gaya & Surv.Kasim,M.O presenting to V.Chancellor Kano University

The workshop was a success, not least due to the efforts of the staff at SURCON including, Surv.Pamela Ibikunle.   The participants concluded that understanding new globally acceptable technologies in survey and mapping is an imperative; there is a need to redesign surveying and cadastre curriculum to meet the SDGs and above all to facilitate a fit-for-purpose approach.  Ultimately, with reasoned change and agility from the educators and practitioners, the survey curriculum could be in a position to service Nigeria’s national needs by 2020.


Dr Diane Dumashie FRICS, Vice President FIG & Surveyor Kabir, M.M Registrar of Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON)
August 2019