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Vice President G. K. (Ken) Allred,

Curriculum Vitae

G. K. (Ken) Allred, ALS, CLS
Date of birth
  December 30, 1940
Nationality  Canadian
Status Married to Marge, 3 children, Mark, Paul and Keith

Professional Career

Ken Allred was commissioned as an Alberta Land Surveyor in 1965 and a Canada Lands Surveyor in 1968, subsequent to graduation from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1961 with a diploma in Land Surveying.

His domestic employment has taken him across Western Canada and into the Mackenzie River valley of the Northwest Territories. He has been employed by municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, in resource exploration with Mobil Oil Canada, and with a private practice firm. He was Surveyor to the Land Titles Office with the Alberta Attorney General's department from 1972 until 1977, and Executive Director and Registrar of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association from 1977 until 1991. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Cadastral Studies in the Department of Geography at the University of Alberta from 1984 until 1992. Mr. Allred is currently self-employed specializing in the Settlement of Boundary Uncertainties including arbitration and mediation of boundary and other related disputes. He has also been an advisor to the Government of Armenia on Land Registration.

He served as the Alberta Director on the Canadian Council of Land Surveyors from 1977 to 1986, holding the positions of Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, and President. He was also involved with the CCLS in the areas of continuing education, professional liability insurance and distance learning. Ken recently completed a term as president of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association.

Mr. Allred has been a member of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (formerly Canadian Institute of Surveying) since 1961. He has served on the Editorial Board for the Canadian Surveyor (now Geomatica) and chaired the Canadian National Committee to FIG.

Ken has served as the Canadian delegate on Commission 1 - Professional Practice for the Federation Internationale des Géomètres (FIG) from 1981 until 2005. He was elected chair of Commission 1 for the term 1994 - 1998. Ken served on the organizing committee for the FIG Symposium on the Decision Maker and LIS in Edmonton in 1984. He also served on the FIG Task Forces on the Exchange of Surveying Personnel; on Constituting Professional Associations; and on Cultures and Languages. He has been a regular attendee at FIG congresses since 1977. He was elected as a Vice President of FIG for the term 2005-08.

Mr. Allred served as Editor of ALS News, the quarterly publication of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association, and the CCLS Newsletter, an annual publication. He has served on the Editorial Board of the Canadian Surveyor and Terravue. He has contributed articles to the Canadian Surveyor, CISM Journal, Terravue, The Professional Surveyor (USA) and The Australian Surveyor. He has presented papers at numerous conferences in Canada and around the world.

Ken is the author of Chapter 11 - The Surveying Profession in the Canadian textbook, Survey Law in Canada.

Mr. Allred served for 15 years as an Alderman with the City of St. Albert. He has been extensively involved in urban and regional planning as a civic representative on planning and development boards. He served as chair of the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission and the City of St. Albert Municipal Planning Commission. He also served as a Trustee on the Sturgeon General Hospital Board.

Ken has received numerous awards throughout his lifetime including:

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Gold Executive Award - in recognition of outstanding services
  • Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association - Professional Recognition Award - for perseverance, intellect and idealism towards developing a dynamic professional association, serving in the best public interest.
  • Letter of Appreciation - Minister of Forestry, Lands and Wildlife (Alberta) - for playing a significant role as the interface between my Department and the self governing surveying profession.
  • Champlain Award - Canadian Council of Land Surveyors - for outstanding contribution in promoting and advancing the profession of land surveying.
  • Honorary Membership - Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors
  • Leader’s Service Award - in Recognition of Outstanding Volunteer Service with the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta

Ken is currently a member of the Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal, Health Professions Advisory Board and the Automobile Insurance Dispute Resolution Committee, all Alberta government appointments.

Major Presentations and Publications
  • Marketing the Profession – Some Strategies that Work. Presented at the FIG Working Week 2005 / GSDI-8 Conference, Cairo, Egypt, April 16-21, 2005.
    • Slides of this presentation
  • Survey Art – An Interesting Subject. Presented at the FIG Working Week 2005 / GSDI-8 Conference, Cairo, Egypt, April 16-21, 2005.
  • Underground Facilities - The Need for Accurate Records in an Expanding Society - International Federation of Surveyors - Jakarta, Indonesia - October, 2004
  • Practice Review - The Professional Coach - International Federation of Surveyors - Athens, Greece - May, 2004
  • The Professional Association - Guardian of the Public Interest. Presented at the XXII Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors - Washington, D.C .- April, 2002
  • The Principles of Ethics - Presented at the 6th South East Asian Surveyors Congress, Perth, Australia, November, 1999.
  • Ethics for the Global Surveying Community - Presented to the XXI Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors, Brighton, UK, July, 1998. Published in The Australian Surveyor, Vol.43, No.3, p. 153-156.
  • A Tale of Two Countries - Co-authored with John Parker - Presented to the Council of Surveyors of South Africa, August, 1997.
  • Alberta Metis Settlements Land Tenure. Presented to the Council of Surveyors of South Africa iKUSASA Conference on Informal Settlements - Durban, S.A.- August, 1997.
  • Maintaining Professional Competency. Presented to the International Federation of Surveyors, Singapore, 1997; and the Council of Surveyors of South Africa, August, 1997. Published in Geomatica, Volume 52-4
  • The Surveyor as a Public Officer. Presented to the Federation Internationale des Géomètres XX Congress, Melbourne, Australia, March, 1994
  • Professional Ethics Seminar, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic - 1995
  • The Surveyor as a Public Officer. Presented to the Federation Internationale des Géomètres XX Congress, Melbourne, Australia, March, 1994
  • Ethical Considerations in Surveying and Mapping. Presented to the International Right of Way Association, Calgary, Alberta. 1993
  • The Canadian Surveying Profession. Presented to The Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa, Ames, Iowa. 1992.
  • Optimization in Cadastral Survey Education. Presented by Fred Cheng (co-author) to the Xlll North American Surveying Teachers' Conference, Banff, 1990.
  • This Business of Surveying . Published in the Professional Surveyor, Vol. ll-5 and the CISM Journal, Vol. 46-4. Presented to the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Annual Meeting, Ottawa, 1990.
  • The Professional Survey Association and Its Role in Protecting the Public Interest of a Nation - Presented in absentia by C. H. Weir, to the Centenary Conference of the Institute of Surveyors of New Zealand (1988).
  • The Real Property Report - The Early Aftermath (co-author). Published in the proceedings of the Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch) 1988 mid-winter meeting, and the CISM Journal Vol. 43-1.
  • Professional Ethics - The Missing Link to a Complete Education. Published in the Canadian Surveyor, Vol. 39-4. Presented to: Colloquium on Surveying and Mapping Education, University of New Brunswick, June 1985; FIG XVIII Congress, Toronto 1986
  • Survey Law in Canada (Chapter ll - The Surveying Profession) - Carswell, Toronto, 1989.
  • Proceeding of the Second User's Conference on Land Information Systems (editor and organizer), Edmonton, 1982.

G. K. (Ken) Allred, ALS, CLS
34 Glenhaven Crescent
St. Albert, Alberta

Tel. + 1 780 460 2224

7 December 2006