Conference and Seminar Proceedings

INGEO2017: 7th International Conference on Engineering Surveying

18 - 20 October 2017 Lisbon, Porugal


The list of presentations:

18th Oct., Wednesday - Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures I

  • As-built documentation of anchor blocks of facade elements using TLS
    Ján Erdélyi, Alojz Kopáčik and Peter Kyrinovič
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Combined use of non-destructive methods for the survey of facades anomalies of heritage buildings with structural concrete elements
    José Dias, Luís Matias, Maria João Henriques, Maria Ribeiro and Teresa Santos
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Estimation of wooden coefficient of expansion due to temperature and moisture with geodetic sensors
    Annette Schmitt and Volker Schwieger
  • Determining the non-verticality of tall chimneys using the laser scanning approach
    Aleš Marjetič and Gašper Štebe
    [Peer-review papers]
  • Measurements of geometry of internal flues in multi-flue chimneys
    Edyta Puniach
    [Peer-review paper]

18th Oct., Wednesday - Historical Buildings / Potential of Classical Methods

  • Monuments and historic buildings: Applications and challenges in structural engineering - Paulo B. Lourenço
  • The potential of classical surveying methods for health care monitoring of large structures - Alojz Kopáčik

18th Oct., Wednesday - Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures II

  • Using IATS and digital levelling staffs for the determination of dynamic displacements and natural oscillation frequencies of civil engineering structures
    Rinaldo Paar, Ante Marendic, Andreas Wagner, Wolfgang Wiedemann, Thomas Wunderlich, Miodrag Roic and Domagoj Damjanovic
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Uncertainty evaluation of deflection measurements from FWD tests on road pavements
    José Neves and Edgar Cardoso
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Visual inspection automation with image processing
    Ana Fonseca, Dora Roque, Maria João Henriques and José Muralha
  • Automated geodetic monitoring systems in new hydropower plants
    Elisa Almeida, Daniel Pimentel, David Fernandes, Carlos Pestana and Ricardo Araújo
  • Assessment of cracks on concrete dams by image processing: the case-study of Itaipu dam, at the Brazil-Paraguay border
    Jónatas Valença and Eduardo S. Júlio
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Visual inspection automation with image processing
    Ana Fonseca, Dora Roque, Maria João Henriques and José Muralha

18th Oct., Wednesday - Monitoring of Historical Buildings

  • Monitoring the behaviour of MEO Arena roof
    Maria João Henriques, Helena Cruz, Dora Roque and Ana Fonseca
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Displacement and surface pathology monitoring of former Tejo Power Station building by combining terrestrial laser scanning, micro-geodesy, photogrammetry and GIS
    Adriano Oliveira, João Boavida and Bruno Santos
  • Vertical displacements of engineering structures during reconstruction: Classification and prediction models
    Roman Shults
  • Trigonometric levelling at extremely short lines of sight
    Zarko Nestorovic
  • Comparison of 3D laser scanning and classical survey data deformation analysis of
    industrial facilities in oil refinery
    Almin Dapo, Luka Babic, Bosko Pribicevic and Antonio Antunovic
  • Point cloud classification and track centre determination in point cloud collected by MMS on rail
    Elzbieta Pastucha
  • Three years of monitoring using leveling and hybrid gravimetry applied to the geothermal sites of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen, Rhine Graben, France
    Gilbert Ferhat, Nolwenn Portier, Jacques Hinderer, Marta Calvo Garcia-Maroto, Yassine Abdelfettah and Umberto Riccardi

19th Oct., Thursday - Concepts, New Technology and Software Development I

  • Fusion of laser-scan and image data for deformation monitoring – Concept and perspective
    Andreas Wagner, Wolfgang Wiedemann and Thomas Wunderlich
    [Peer-review paper]
  • The influence of different LocataNet configurations on positioning accuracy
    Igor Grgac, Rinaldo Paar, Ante Marendic and Ivan Jakopec
    [Peer-review paper]
  • A new approach to long-distance EDM: using intermode beating of broadband ultrashort laser pulses
    David Salido Monzú and Andreas Wieser
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Synchronization routine for real-time synchronization of robotic total stations
    Zan Gojcic, Slaven Kalenjuk and Werner Lienhart
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Deformation monitoring in the Internet of Things. Implementation of a multi-platform software package for modern sensor networks in engineering geodesy
    Philipp Engel
    [Peer-review paper]

19th Oct., Thursday - Geotechnical Works / Ground Based Radar Interferometry

  • The role of monitoring in geotechnical works - Ana Quintela
  • Potential of Space Based and Ground Based Radar Interferometry for Deformation Monitoring -Wolfgang Niemeier

19th Oct., Thursday - Monitoring of Geological and Hydrological Hazards

  • Deformation monitoring of Kostanjek landslide in Croatia using multiple sensor networks and UAV
    Ante Marendić, Rinaldo Paar, Hrvoje Tomić, Miodrag Roić and Martin Krkač
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Geodetic monitoring of the Adroit landslide, Barcelonnette, French Southern Alps
    Gilbert Ferhat, Jean-Philippe Malet, Anne Puissant, Delphine Caubet and Emilie Hubert
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Multi-method monitoring of the large and rapidly developping Pas de l'Ours landslide - Queyras, France
    Floriane Provost, Pierrick Bornemann, Elouan Faustin, Jean-Philippe Malet, Clément Hibert, Anne Puissant, Marc Fleck, Gilbert Ferhat, Pascal Diot and Vincent Ségel

19th Oct., Thursday - Maritime Structures / Augmented Reality

  • Application of stereo-photogrammetric methodologies to the design and monitoring of maritime structures - Conceição Juana Fortes
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: from the Lab to the Wild - Alfredo Ferreira

19th Oct., Thursday - Monitoring of Coastal Structures

  • Towards a mobile monitoring tool for coastal structures inspection: The Ericeira rubblemound breakwater test case
    Rui Capitão, Alexandre Maia, Rute Lemos, Armanda Rodrigues and Conceição Juana Fortes
    [Peer-review paper]
  • The monitoring of rubble mound breakwaters. An assessment of UAV technology
    Maria João Henriques, Rute Lemos, Rui Capitão and Conceição Juana Fortes
    [Peer-review paper]
  • The use of UAVs in engineering geological surveys: mapping along Scotland’s southwest coast
    Olympia Tziavou, Stella Pytharouli and Jock Souter
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Survey of a two-dimensional scale model of a rubble-mound breakwater using different stereo-photogrammetric techniques
    Rute Lemos, Maria João Henriques, António Muralha, Ricardo Jónatas, Conceição Juana Fortes and Rui Capitão
    [Peer-review paper]

20th Oct., Friday - Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  • Evaluating the freeform modelling of point clouds by means of a test specimen
    Corinna Harmening, Gilles Teodori and Hans Neuner
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Using point cloud comparisons for revealing deformations of natural and artificial objects
    Christoph Holst, Lasse Klingbeil, Felix Esser and Heiner Kuhlmann
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Geodetic surface based methods for applications in civil engineering
    Claudius Schmitt, Benjamin Kromoser, Corinna Harmening, Johannes Falkner, Hans Neuner and Johann Kollegger
  • Simplicity is the New Black: The BLK360 Story
    Vanda Kadlečíková
    [Peer-review paper]
  • TLS Data Georeferencing - Error Sources and Effects
    Jelena Pandžić, Marko Pejić, Branko Božić and Verica Erić

20th Oct., Friday - Bridge Monitoring / GNSS Applications

  • Dynamic Response of Bridges and its Monitoring Needs - Milan Sokol
  • GNSS: tools to monitor a dynamic Earth - Virgilio Mendes

20th Oct., Friday - Radar Interferometry Applications

  • The use of InSAR technology to monitor ground and structural displacements
    Josep Raventos, Carles Couso and Javier Garcia
    [Peer-review paper]
  • Merging GBSAR and topographic surveys to measure pier deformations
    Giovanni Nico, Andrea Di Pasquale, Gianluca Miccoli and Filippo Maria Soccodato
  • Ground based Synthetic Aperture Radar (GBSAR) interferometry: which advantages for the monitoring of concrete and earth-filled dams?
    Giovanni Nico, Marco Corsetti, Alfredo Pitullo and Andrea Di Pasquale

20th Oct., Friday - Concrete Dams / UAV Applications

  • The role of survey methods in the monitoring of concrete dams - Domingos Silva Matos
  • Assessing exposure of infrastructure to natural hazards using unmanned aerial systems: case studies from the Andes, Portugal, Antarctica and Cape Verde - Gonçalo Vieira

20th Oct., Friday - Concepts, New Technology and Software Development II

  • Monitoring system using low cost GNSS sensors: first experiments and performance evaluation
    Stefano Gandolfi, Luca Poluzzi and Luca Tavascih
  • A Bayesian procedure for analysis of short permanent GNSS baselines
    José Nuno Lima and João Casaca
  • Systematic error elimination of inertial sensors using rotating platforms
    Ľubica Erdélyiová, Pavol Kajánek and Alojz Kopáčik
  • Multi-sensor based augmented virtuality immersive technologies for large scale metrology applications
    Theodoros Xenakis, Vassilis Gikas and George Kaisarlis
  • Assessment of accuracy of basic manoeuvres performed by an unmanned aerial vehicle during autonomous flights
    Pawel Cwiakala