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February 2024, Valetta Malta

Championing Partnership Working: Joint EGOS and FIG Commission 3 and Commission 9 Workshop 2024

FIG joint Commission 3 and Commission 9 workshop championed partnership working across the lifecycle of data collection and management in land administration and valuation.  Held in partnership the European Group of Surveyors (EGOS),   FIG Commission Chair 3 Sagi Dalyot  and FIG Commission Chair 9 Peter Ache, collaborated to put together a program on Surveying, Registration and Valuation: How we gather and deal with data”.  


 At the invitation of President Nikos Zacharias, EGOS, President Diane Dumashie, attended this collaborative partnership workshop, held in the ancient city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malta, the city known for its Maltese yellow stone, characteristics balconies and rich history.  It provides a worthy backdrop for the Commissions to partner with EGOS to combine their respective expertise in Surveying, Registration and Valuation, to unpack and discover the gaps and synergies between valuation and spatial information management.

This is important because sustainability in our profession is about making sure that both internal and external partnerships are working effectively and cultivating stronger engagement.  Demonstrative of this by both the commission partnership and building to develop capacity with EGoS to our mutual professional benefit.

Opening session left to right: Alan Mcallef (MIoS), Nikos Zacharias (EGOS), Diane Dumashie (FIG), Peter Ache (FIG)

The theme “How we gather and deal with data” has sustainability at its heart.  The 2-day program was opened by Randalph Camilleri, Vice President EGOS who chaired the opening speeches from the Presidents: Nikos Zacharias (EGOS), Diane Dumashie (FIG) and Alan Mcallef (MIoS).

To set the scene were keynote presentations from FIG President Diane Dumashie contributing ‘A Vision toward 2030: Partnership working in land governance” and Past FIG President Chryssy Potsiou contributing (online) UNECE activity that moves towards a 2025 workshop.

Increasingly, it can be seen that our commissions are reaching a fascinating point in the discourse around data acquisition and management. The workshop attendees discussed critical questions such as how to handle a continuous stream of data; how to consider data poverty, given uneven access to internet across the world? Thus, raising the fundamental question of ethics and the need for standards and frameworks in geo spatial data.

The meeting agenda demonstrated the full breadth of the commissions working groups.The workshop had a range of papers and presentations addressing (some) global challenges such as geospatial data acquisition, transparency.  But also, innovation in university curricular; and surveyors skills to be fit for the future.

Presentation by Eng. Othman Alkherayef  (Saudi Arabia)



Picture right: Jürg Kaufmann on far left, with Diane Dumashie, Randolph Camilleri, Maria G Scorza, Nikos Zacharias

Listening to the deliberations during day one, Dumashie observed that the evidence of partnership working is really paying dividends.   Evidenced by knowledge generation by attending practitioners and academics but also the ability and desire that out commissions are Championing and leading, they are building our Capacity at global, regional and local level. And by partnering in this way, today in the field of spatial information management and valuation/appraisal of real estate, they are promoting both professional practice and standards.

FIG is both a working community and a fellowship community and attendees were grateful to their hosts efforts to royally treat us all.  During the ice breaker session held in the Baco Nort Terrace, it was so good to welcome Jürg Kaufmann a long-standing member of FIG.  And at the end of our workshop we were treated to a truly memorable evening hosted by Randolph Camilleri at Il Veduta Restaurant in a special location right next to the Mdna city gates. 

At  II Veduta Restaurant

All were enthused and encouraged by this impactful meeting. With thanks to FIG Commission Chairs Peter Ache, Sagi Daylot, EGOS President Nikos Zacharias, and President Malta Institution of Surveyors Alan Mcallef and the organizing committee Randolph Camilleri, Malcolm Lelliot,  Maria G Scorza and to all those who travelled to attend.
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FIG President, Dr Diane A Dumashie FRICS CEDR
February 2024

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